VIDEO: Where in the world is GT Thompson?

Missing Congressman Report: Even though we are in a “district work period”/recess this week, we have not been able to locate the elusive Rep. Glenn ‘GT’ Thompson in our congressional district. Moreover, it appears that the stealthy GT has been trying to engage in grand theft healthcare, as shown in his infamous May 4 vote to take away insurance of thousands of his own constituents.

As you’ll see in this video, GT is highly skilled at avoiding situations where he will have to explain his votes. In fact, he doesn’t appear to have held a town hall since 2011, and also appears to be breaking his promise to hold a town hall in the Centre region this spring. If you see GT this week, please approach carefully, as he is easily frightened.

GT could be hiding anywhere, so please share this post far and wide until we’ve cracked the case. Good luck, gumshoe!

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