The PA5 People’s Town Hall: August 10, 2017

Here’s the full slate of events today:

4:30-6:30p: Happy hour at Lettermans (1031 E. College Ave., State College), with free appetizers and a cash bar.

6:30-9:30p: the PA5 People’s Town Hall, just outside the Outreach Building where the official GT town hall is being held. Here’s the Facebook event for the People’s Town Hall; the basic idea is that it’s a place where people can come and enjoy some free BBQ, connect with other concerned citizens, get some PA5 Truth and Action swag, and, if you don’t have a ticket to get in to the official town hall, watch the broadcast of it on a screen and projector that we’ll be setting up. There are many, many people who were shut out of the official town hall, for reasons I tried to describe in a letter which ran in the Centre Daily Times. The more people who show up to watch the event on the screen, the stronger a message we will send about the need for larger, and ideally more frequent, town halls.

For those who do have tickets to the official town hall, they’ll need to be checked in by 7:25p, and the town hall should be done by 9p, so it’s worth stopping by both before and after that.

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