Recommended Reading: “Americans must choose to put hope above violence”

Regis Sabol is a dissatisfied constituent:

U.S. Rep. Glenn Thompson must be smoking way too much from that hookah in Trumpland if he truly believes President Donald Trump is “doing a great job.”

Does Thompson truly believe “our enemies actually fear us again, and our allies are beginning to trust us again”? Hasn’t he heard about North Korea firing ICBMs into the Sea of Japan? Hasn’t he learned about his boss cozying up to Vladimir Putin?

As for “our allies … beginning to trust us again,” Thompson might want to ask Germany’s Angela Merkel or France’s Emmanuel Macron about that. Trump returned from his grand foreign tour, leaving in his wake the cornerstones of American-European relations in tatters. He has the leaders of South Korea and Japan nervous, too.

Thompson praised Trump’s reckless withdrawal from the Paris Accords, explaining they were “too expensive.” Really? All but three nations in the entire world signed the accords, which are a nonbinding agreement calling on all nations to decrease greenhouse gas emissions. Almost 200 nations agreed to save the planet. And we’re not one of them!

As for the Paris Accords being “too expensive,” is saving the planet too expensive? And, as I’ve noted, the accords themselves don’t cost a penny.

As for the multiple investigations into Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election and any collusion between the Russians and the Trump campaign, it is not “a distraction from doing the people’s business.” It is at the heart of the people’s business.

— Regis Sabol, Erie

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