Recommended Reading: Senate AHCA Bill Process

After voting for the AHCA, GT said that the bill—which is historically, and rightfully, unpopular—would likely be improved in the Senate [source 1]. However, the Senate has been operating in near-total secrecy, with only a group of 13 men involved in drafting the bill [source 2].

As one of many consequences of this fact, there have been no public hearings on the bill in the Senate. However, GT told a group of constituents yesterday that there have been more hearings on the AHCA than the ACA! This is simply untrue. The attached image, from Sen. Ron Wyden, shows just how wrong GT is. Of course, GT also voted for the AHCA without waiting for a CBO score, because he knew the eventual result (23 million Americans losing coverage) would be disastrous. All of this shows that the GOP is rushing through this bill with no actual health-related goals in mind, simply to show that they “replaced Obamacare,” and to deliver tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans.

Luckily, the news this morning is that at least one Republican senator, Susan Collins, has criticized the secretive Senate process and has said she won’t vote for any law before it has been scored by the CBO [source 3]. Yesterday, GT said that **people who say the Senate process has been secretive are uninformed**, but for my money, I think Sen. Collins is in a better position to know. She shows us what true leadership looks like.

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