Recommended Reading: Rep. Thompson Must Get His Head Out of Sand

Strong words from a concerned constituent in Erie:

U.S. Rep. Thompson must get his head out of sand

“The President is doing a great job!” Thank God for an abundance of sand in his congressional district. Where else could U.S. Rep. Glenn Thompson’s head be while making those positive statements about President Donald Trump?

Trump’s cabinet selections are all from the “swamp” he said he was draining. Already he has lost staff members due to lies and seedy connections with Russia.

He has alienated the finest intelligence unit in the world and fired the head of the FBI for investigating his activities. And he has attacked federal judges who rule against him.

President Trump’s first overseas trip was an embarrassment in every country he visited. He embarrassed our country and put down our allies with his cheap declarations that they should pay their bills. He turned on our NATO allies! He showed allegiance to Russia with his refusal to support Article 5 of NATO. He has blamed recent terror attacks in allied countries as a failure of these countries to control their citizens.

Vladimir Putin has even stated his country may have influenced the last presidential election and called it a patriotic act for his country. And Trump still supports Putin and Thompson supports Trump.

And let us not forget Trump’s climate control decision. We are now in the company of those great freedom loving countries called Syria and Nicaragua. How embarrassing!

He has called the national press “fake news” if he does not agree with them. He is anti-First Amendment. Yet he bans the national press and allows the Russian press in the Oval Office.

He has dismantled a health system that serves millions and proposes a budget that puts more money in millionaires’ pockets.

So Rep. Thompson continue telling Erie citizens that Trump is doing a “great” job while you sit 200 miles away in a legal, but highly unethical gerrymandered district. I retract that comment about your head in the sand. You would have to be here to be able to put your head in our sand. You seldom come here.

— Robert Kaczenski, Erie

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