Recommended Reading: GT Echoing Trump Admin. Talking Points

This short article reveals that GT is echoing the Trump administration’s talking points:

  • Trump’s “leadership has helped regain the trust of American allies around the world”
  • In some inconceivable way, because of Trump, our “allies are beginning to trust us”
  • The Paris Agreement is too expensive for the United States

This part seems so unbelievable that I’m going to quote it in its entirety:

“Thompson said he believes the president wants NATO to be as strong as possible and serve as a deterrent to foreign aggression, including from Russia. ‘I think it’s a weak message to Russia when NATO partners are not doing their part, whether it’s financially, whether it’s troops,’ Thompson said.”

It’s fairly clear that Trump does not understand how NATO works. See, for example,…/trump-on-nato-funding-sti…/

And here are two parts that don’t seem to make sense together: 1) “He said he was one of the first to call for investigations into Russian election meddling.” 2) “Let’s get it done and move on because it has been somewhat of a distraction to doing the people’s business.” I guess there’s a way that both could be true, but it sure seems like the “distractions” are caused by the Trump team’s conduct before the election, and leaks and obstruction since inauguration.

One last point: “He goes on this trip to the Middle East and the next thing we know we have hundreds of billions of dollars of purchases.” It’s no surprise that Saudis would want to purchase American weapons; in fact, this deal was originally made *during the Obama administration,* but was placed on hold over human rights concerns. The Trump administration does not share those concerns. More here:…/20/15626…/trump-saudi-arabia-arms-deal


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