GT on Comey Firing

A note from Marc:

GT’s statement on the Comey dismissal is weaker than I could have possibly imagined. Far from calling for an independent investigation, he says that Comey should have been fired earlier, and then somehow suggests that Trump’s obstruction, and GT’s enablement of it, will “put the rule of law before party and politics.”

You may wish to contact one or more of his offices this afternoon to communicate your displeasure.

D.C.: 202-225-5121
Bellefonte: 814-353-0215
Titusville: 814-827-3985

We will see you outside Bonfatto’s in Bellefonte on Monday at 5p.


Statement from U.S. Rep. Glenn ‘GT’ Thompson:

“Director Comey had made several juxtaposing comments throughout the course of the past year and I am surprised that he was not asked to step down sooner.

“The American public is losing faith in our institutions and it is incumbent upon the White House to nominate someone who will ensure the hard working men and women at the FBI have a strong leader who will put the rule of law before party and politics.

“The American public deserve no less, and I am looking forward to new leadership focused on renewing faith and confidence in the agency.”


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