Rep. Thompson on Comey Firing

A note from Marc Friedenberg:

At a meeting I attended with him in March, GT said that he’s “a big Article I guy,” i.e., that he believes in the importance of a strong legislative check on the president. I can hardly think of a more consequential test for this principle than the Comey firing and the obvious need for an independent special prosecutor. GT appears to be in silent mode, and unresponsive to his constituents. GT, if you’re reading this—and I think you or your staff might be—please do not fail us at this historical moment. We are counting on you to do the right thing.

John Cassidy on Comey’s firing:

“Congress must restrain him and reassert the principles of American democracy by appointing an independent special prosecutor to take over the Russia investigation. If the legislature won’t act unprompted—and the initial signs are that most of the G.O.P. intends to yield to the President’s abuse of his power—it will be incumbent on the American people to register their protests forcefully, and to put pressure on their elected officials. Trump is a menace. He must be stopped.”

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