Rep. Thompson’s Latest Statement on the AHCA

Rep. Thompson’s latest statement on the GOP’s American Health Care Act is included in the following excerpt:


Democratic Sen. Bob Casey and Republican Congressman Glenn Thompson both spoke out against the American Health Care Act in its current form on Wednesday. However, Republican Sen. Pat Toomey said the bill as it stands is merely a first draft.

“I have read the American Health Care Act and at this time I cannot support the bill in its current form,” said Thompson, who spent nearly three decades in non-profit healthcare and as a licensed nursing home administrator.

“Obamacare must be repealed, but I have concerns about the direction we are heading with increased costs for older Americans and limiting access to care for the most vulnerable populations,” the congressman said.

He acknowledged that the bill is a work-in-progress, adding, “I believe the House bill contains a lot of good.”

Thompson continued, “I stand by my principles that health care reform should lower costs, increase quality and ensure that our rural populations have access to care. I am looking forward to adding my experience in healthcare to the debate. One thing is for sure, we must get this right.”


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