Thoughts On the AHCA

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I am not a healthcare expert, so I’m writing this post to see if anybody can help me make sense of the goals of the American Health Care Act (which is increasingly being called “Trumpcare,” despite President Trump’s insistence that it not be called that).

On the one hand, Rep. Thompson has told us several times that we should not measure the success of a healthcare law based on the number of people who are insured. I can cite at least two examples of that: 1) in his February 6, 2017 campaign email newsletter, he wrote that we “bombarded with talking points from the liberal elite about how many people now have coverage,” and went on to say that the number of people who have coverage is not the critical factor [source 1]; 2) on his March 7, 2017 campaign tele-town hall, while advocating for Trumpcare, he said that “A nation’s health policy should not be about access to health insurance. It should be about access to health and wellness for all Americans.” [source 2]

On the other hand, on Meet the Press this morning, Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price said that Trumpcare does aim to increase the number of people covered. [source 3]

It seems to me that it’s important to understand whether the law is designed to increase the number of people who have healthcare coverage, as Secretary Price says, or if it is not, as Representative Thompson does. Or, perhaps I am missing a subtlety to the discussion. Can anybody help me out?

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