GT Calls Stream Protection Bill ‘Midnight Rule’

During his monthly Tele-Town Hall Rep. Glenn Thompson once again asserted that the Stream Protection Rule, which he voted to repeal on Feb 1st, was a ‘midnight rule’ passed with little input from congress. In fact the rule which updated 33 year old regulations protecting rivers and streams from impacts due to coal mining, was “an extensive and transparent public process that spanned multiple years” according to the Department of the Interior.

When asked for a response as to why he voted to cancel the rule, Mr. Thompson has not clearly articulated what it was about the rule he didn’t like, other than implying another falsehood – that it would bar remining efforts of existing sites. “Remining”, a questionable practice of mining previously exploited coal deposits to get them below the water table in an effort to stop water pollution. The stream protection rule made no such provision to stop the act of remining – but would likely add to the expense of such an operation as a mining company would have had to pay for an assessment of stream quality in the impacted area before, during, and after mining, and further contribute to the restoration of any areas impacted.

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